a bit about me…

I was a 70s/80s child.

A 90s student.

A millennium professional.

Now I am 40something. I am a husband (of one lovely, undeserved wife), a father (of two boys/alien forms), a son (of two incredible parents), a friend (apparently), a neighbour (although far too rarely), a musician (when the opportunity arises), a fading sportsman (DARN, I miss my youth), a lover of coffee, of food, of nations, of people.

I am also a lover of the Creator and Saviour of my lost soul. I was lost and I needed saving from myself. I am now a pastor – the LAST thing in the world that I thought I would give my life to do. With his help and the help of my church family  (plus countless other comrades) I am finding out who I was made to be, learning to understand the context of these years on loan to me, and what I am here to do. Maybe (just maybe! no promises) moseying on up with this blog will enrich the life of the writer and anyone who reads.

Whatever I WAS and whatever I AM….I believe the best is yet to come.


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