Aids for praying for the Middle East and the 10/40 window

1 09 2014

1. Be aware that the Bible has predicted much of what we see happening today. Scripture tells us there must be unrest of this nature before Jesus returns.

2. Begin praying with acknowledging who God is. He sits, unmoved on his throne. Isaiah 40 is just one of the chapters that will help you pray in confidence, not fear. It is important that we move into faith, even whilst we may cry out to God in desperation.

3. When praying for the situation with Israel, separate the political state of Israel from the nation of Israel that God sees, and will still figure in his plans. God does not condone and support every act that Israel does. But pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm122:6). In a sense, we are praying for the Lord’s return as well when we do that.

4. Concerning the conflicts in the Muslim states, avoid praying what you think should happen politically. These are centuries-old issues, and are not just religious and political, they are also tribal. Get some understanding, but don’t over-complicate. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray. He knows all things, and will reveal what we need to pray.

5. We don’t battle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. Pray with the authority of Jesus against the dark forces behind the Islamic extremist ideas of jihad, shari’a and caliphate state.

6. Pray for supernatural protection for Iraqis and Syrians, and those in many of the Middle Eastern countries who stand against these extremist ideas, especially opposers of ISIS at this time.

7. Pray for protection, peace, provision and powerful testimony of Christians in these crisis zones. Pray for Canon Andrew White and the amazing work of his church in Baghdad. Pray for comfort for those who mourn.

8. Pray that, through this darkest time, the spread of the Gospel would increase rather than decrease in the Middle East and the 10/40 window of North Africa.

9. Pray for our nation and the Muslim communities here. Pray that they will not become hotbeds for Islamist extremism, and that those working to stop this will succeed. Pray for disaffected Muslim youths, that they will find greater purpose than fighting abroad.




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